Saturday, September 1, 2012

We had another rehearsal on Thursday Aug 30, 2012.  We had a few new people and a few of the originals and a few that were not able to come.  What a joy it is to sing with these people.  Geoffrey came and played the piano for us and we had a great rehearsal.  One of the things we did was I had everyone face the wall and sing as if they were on stage and sing like they have always wanted.  We practiced Somewhere Over the Rainbow.  Geoffrey played beautifully and all the members sang absolutely wonderful (some have said they can't sing).  It transported them to another place and they left all inhibitions about performing and singing behind and they sang with their hearts.  What a fantastic sound they made.  After that, we sang as a unit but with the same intensity as when they were singing to the wall.  With just 11 people we sounded like a full choir. 

Singing brings about emotions.  A song can take you back to a time and a place.  You can remember a certain person, event, or feeling when you hear a certain song.  Singing can also heal.  I hope that is what we are helping some of the members of Sing To Live chorus do.  At times there are a lot of laughs but sometimes a memory of a loved one that has past or some other special occasion comes to mind and a some tears might fall.  What a great support group to be with when those emotions come to the surface. 

There have already been some very tender moments happen with this chorus.  They are all very special. 

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