Friday, August 31, 2012

Lloyd loves to sing.  Lloyd is one of the most upbeat people you will ever meet.  He sings at home, in the car, everywhere, and he's really good too.  Last November he sang in the Senior Sampler Senior Week talent competition.  Lloyd was one of the finalists that sang in the evening show at the Cox Auditorium.  This was his first ever singing in front of an audience, the first time on stage, and first ever competition.  He did a great job.  Lloyd sang "Sway" and one of the judges, Michael Ballam could not believe that he had never sung on stage before.  Michael said that he was so relaxed and his stage presence was very professional. 

Lloyd had a career in Salt Lake City working in the heating and air conditioning business owning his own for many years.  Lloyd moved to St. George a few years ago after retiring and we are glad he moved here to St. George.

Lloyd has had his battles with cancer and has overcome them.  He also had a bout with a heart problem and he has bounced back from both of these with great enthusiasm and health.  Lloyd has studied a lot to help him with his health.

He is such a joy to be with and very creative.  He loves to come up with ideas for songs, (writing many songs of his own)  and videos. 

We are so glad he is with our Sing To Live chorus.   Thanks Lloyd

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