Monday, August 27, 2012

I went to a choir reunion last month at Utah State University.  Dr. William Ramsey was our choir director.  He left USU in 1975 to go to take a position at Stanford University as director of choral studies.  He left quite a legacy at USU and we all loved him.  He returned last month and directed former members in a concert at USU in the Kent Concert Hall.  We rehearsed for about 6 hours on Saturday and we had the concert Sunday evening.  I need to tell you about one thing he taught us while in rehearsal Saturday.

We sang O Fortuna from Carmina Burana by Carl Orff.  At rehearsal after going through it once he asked us "who has never heard this?'  About half the people singing raised their hand.  He look at them and said, "You just did."  We rehearsed it again and again he asked, "Who has never sung this?"  Again about the same people raised their hand.  Again he said "You just did."  To me it was one of the classic Ramseyisms.  The funny thing is some of the people just didn't get it and Sunday evening at rehearsal with the band he asked again, " Who has never heard this?"  Now some in the band and some in the choir raised their hand.  "You just did."

I have used this comment a few times since and it does bring a laugh.  Use it in your choir rehearsals and you'll make choir a fun time for all.

Now, who has never heard of this joke.  (You just did.)

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