Friday, August 24, 2012

We had our first rehearsal.  We might have been small in numbers but we sounded great.  We are about 25 strong right now.  Only a few we able to come to rehearsal on the 23rd but we had 3 new people.  We are rehearsing for our first gig at Red Mountain Resort on the 29th of Sept.  We will be ready with a great show. 

We will sing On A Wonderful Day Like Today for our opener. A few songs like The Impossible Dream and You Raise Me Up as inspirational songs. Here's To The Heroes as a tribute to all of our heroes and I'll See You Again as an encore (we are thinking positive and hoping for an encore).

Yesterday was an inspiration to me.  All of the members of our chorus are great, wonderful people that have had some trials.  They have gone through some rough times.  I will tell you about one of them tomorrow.  We all go through life and have our own trials.  I find that when you help someone else, all of a sudden your trial is made a little lighter and the other person is also feeling a little better. 

That is what we are about.  Sing To Live is here to help each other.  We lift each other because we are all contributing through our voices into one common goal and that is to bring enjoyment to others through song.  We make a joyful sound when we all sing. 

We are putting out the call for all who want to join.  Whether you have sung all your life or whether you have never sung, we want and need you. 

I will tell you a little about Judy tomorrow.

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  1. This is a great start to a great program. Keep it up.