Saturday, August 25, 2012

Let me tell you a little about a wonderful and beautiful person, Judy.  Judy moved to the St. George area about 8 years ago.  She moved from the Washington D.C. area where she worked for 30+ years.  She commuted to work an hour each way and enjoys being in Southern Utah 95% of the time.  (It does get a little warm here.) 

Judy joined our choir and I am so glad she did.  She brings with her great class and refinement that elevates all of us. 

Judy was diagnosed with an evasive form of breast cancer last February and has gone through both chemo and radiation treatments.  The radiation treatments will soon be done and both radiation and chemotherapy doctors say her prognosis is very good.  The cancer was diagnosed early and they treated her quickly.  We are glad they have done such a great job because she does and will bring so much to our choir. 

Judy has great friends that have helped her get through all of this.  Friends she exercises with, friends from her church, her pastor, a non-denominational Bible study class with wonderful people that have helped her.  We are glad she has been taken care of and we hope to be included in this list of friends too. 

Judy likes the outdoors and nature.  One of the reasons she loves Southern Utah so much. 
We are glad she moved here and we are especially glad she is singing with the Sing To Live Chorus. 

Thank you Judy.

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