Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Meet Dean.  Dean moved to St. George about 10 years ago.  He worked with aircraft for a majority of his life.  He was a crew chief in the United States Air Force working on a number of different jet fighters.  He continued working with aircraft after his the Air Force working  for Bonanza Airlines, Boeing and E systems. 

His experiences with cancer have been with his father and brother.  His father had Leukemia when Dean was a young man.  His father was a roofer and Dean believes that the Leukemia came from his father reroofing all the roof in Southern Utah after the testing in the desert.  Dean's dad was a downwinder.  His older brother also had Prostate Cancer.  Both men are big heroes to Dean.

Dean loves ice cream.  He said that he loves all flavors too.  He also loves music.  He listens to everything from classical to country to rock.  He loves to sing.  He finds himself singing most of the time.  He will sing to himself like some people talk to themselves.  He said, sometimes it just makes more sense when you sing it. 

We are grateful and excited to have Dean be in the Sing To Live choir and we are very grateful for his service to protect our country. 

Thanks Dean and Here's To The Heroes.

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